JEBELI is a bespoke leather goods brand founded by Naz Jebeli in Sydney in 2019. We specialise in creating unique luxury products the old-fashioned way, with only the highest quality materials.

Each stitch is lovingly crafted with two needles and two hands. We look forward to helping you find the perfect leather accessories to complement your wardrobe.

Each piece is made by hand in limited production runs to limit waste and ensure the end result will serve you through the years. Choose from a range of signature leather tote bags, folios, wallets, and everyday goods.

The beauty of Persian-Australian craftsmanship is passed on from our hands to yours.

Treasure your piece, and use it well. Custom requests are most welcome.

Thank you for supporting Australian small business!


The Story

After arriving in Australia as a refugee, having faced many difficulties and a long and perilous journey, I decided to start a small business making handmade and handstitched leather bags and accessories.

Making leather goods bring my awareness to the present moment. It was like a healing process. This process is similar to meditation, where we let go of any thoughts about tomorrow or yesterday. All you think of is the stitches, the beginning of JEBELI.

We are makers of bags and accessories – trusted companions made with natural materials that get better with time. The wear your bag takes on will be as unique as your own fingerprint.

When I look at the bags that people carry around airports and cities, they are usually nylon or a pressed leather; cheaply made and lacking in character. But, occasionally, you’ll see something haggard and beautiful that has endured years of coffee stains, run-ins with doors and leaky pens. These sights set my imagination alight.

This is a bag, or rather a person with some stories to tell.

And though buying a bag doesn’t automatically imbue life with good stories, perhaps it can be a humble reminder to make some.

A note from the founder...

Thank you for supporting an Australian small business.

We personally share our craft with you through each of our pieces, that are made by hand right here in Sydney, New South Wales.

We hope to redefine the shopping experience for our customers.

Browse our products at your own pace and purchase well. There is no need to hurry through your transaction.

Enjoy a personal, tailored service while you rely upon our team skilfully making each unique piece or collection.

Discovering good craftsmanship is for the long term; enjoy taking your time to find just the right piece to suit you.